Types of Borderline – Quiet Borderlines

Usually, when you think of Borderline Personality Disorder, you think of people who rage at the slightest thing.  But there are different types of Borderlines.  For example – Quiet Borderlines.  They are different than other Borderlines in the way of turning their rage inward.  Not as much is heard or written about this type of Borderline.  I happen to be a Quiet Borderline.  Below are some articles about the different types of Borderlines, especially Quiet Borderlines:




Here is a video of The Silent Suffering of the Quiet Borderline. May be triggering for some people.

And another one. *** TRIGGER WARNING! ***

20 responses to “Types of Borderline – Quiet Borderlines

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  3. I’ve just been doing a little research on Quiet Borderline and enjoyed your post. Until a couple of days ago, I was confused about my BPD diagnosis. I seem to lack the “acting out” characteristics. Now, it all makes perfect sense. Hope you’re doing okay


  4. I’ve just been doing some google searches on the quiet borderline. Thought you might like to know that your site is third on the list of google results…. that’s pretty good going, well done!! How are you doing?


  5. Reblogged this on mylovelyborderlinepersonalitydisorder and commented:
    This is part of reason BPD is so confusing for people to grasp, there are, many different types, I am also a quiet borderline who turns stuff inwards.


  6. Both of those videos made me cry … but given that cat food makes me cry these days, I guess that is unsurprising ..my lack of outward rage makes me question my diagnosis .. but everything else fits (well, there seems to be a perception that we don’t love .. boy, have they got that wrong).

    Thanks for posting the videos and the writing .. looking forward to looking around your site 🙂


  7. DrowningByBreathing

    I feel better now to know that I am not a beast. I hurt myself in different ways… quiet borderline makes more sense to me also, but I am still highly confused.


  8. Autumn_Windsong

    I can deff relate to this post about quiet bpd. I’m more on the quiet side now than I was as a teen. (Ps: the first link didn’t work. It showed an error)
    It’s frustrating with psychiatrists too because they expect outwardly rages :s


  9. CERRAJEROS rápidos, eficaces y spbre todas y cada una de las cosas, ¡¡ECONÓMICOS!! http://cerrajerospremiadedalt.org.es/


  10. Thanks for posting this. The top video didn’t work, but the bottom one did. Now further into the journey of recognising me. Confronting. 😥 But thankyou. I feel better understood now.


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