Deception and the Borderline Personality: What Could have Been?

4 responses to “Deception and the Borderline Personality: What Could have Been?”

  1. I have BPD and this article makes it seem like people with the disorder use these behaviours purposely, and that they never want to accept that diagnosis. For years, I never knew what was wrong with me. When I found out, I was so grateful. I thought “Thank God! It’s not just me! There are others out there like this, and there’s a name for it. There is also treatment for it. I attended a DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) Program several years ago, and am doing much better at managing my emotions; not that I’m “cured”, but I always have to be aware of my thinking patterns and behaviour. DBT is the best treatment for BPD. Many people with BPD can heal and live very normal lives. You say that help is out there but BPDs just won’t accept it. It is articles like this that continue the stigma associated with it. No wonder most are afraid to come forward with their illness! I am not! I HAVE BPD AND I’M NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT IT!


  2. Dr. Marsha Linehan, creator of DBT, likens a BPD sufferer to an “emotional third-degree burn victim.” “…borderline individuals are the psychological equivalent of a third-degree burn patient. They simply have, so to speak, no emotional skin. Even the slightest touch or movement can create immense suffering.” “…lacks the clotting mechanism needed to moderate his spurts of feeling. Stimulate a passion, and the borderline emotionally bleeds to death”


  3. Joyce:

    Thanks for you review and opinion about my article. I am thankful for your success in finding DBT and greater understanding to make your experience of life have the outcome that you speak about. If my article was difficult for you, I am sorry if it seems to create a a stigmata about personality disorders or any other mental illness, because that is not my intention. In response, it is apparent that while you are dealing effectively with your life and taking responsibility, the bulk of research suggests that many BPD individuals do not seek treatment until a crisis occurs. For them and the families of a person with BPD, it is a very perplexing and difficult issue to understand.

    Since I wrote the article, I hope you do not mind if I share my personal observations. While there is great possibility for treatment and hope for a better life for the BPD, there is also a family, spouse, children, and others that are left in the wake of the problems this PD can create. I wrote this article as a personal reflection from my life experience with a family member with BPD who has not sought help and has literally destroyed family, relationships, and functionality in life. While I recognize the importance of your perspective, I also think that it is important to share the experience of those who are victimized by BPD. No mental condition or personality disorder should be stigmatized to diminish any person.

    On the other hand, people who are the victims of a disorder that ravages families and destroys others lives should not be minimized to the point of stigmatizing the suffering of a loving mother, father, or family member who does not understand the nature of the PD. I hope you can understand that this was not written maliciously to castigate the person, but to point out to people who are experiencing life with a BPD, are not really crazy and there is hope in understanding the clinical information about one of many personality disorders and what can be through understanding what is happening. Thanks again for writing and publishing your thoughts. I wish the greatest success on your journey.



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