Role Model


For Psychology class, we had to write about a role model. I was trying to think of one, especially someone who has impacted me recently. As I went over people in my life, I realized there was one out there on the internet that had impacted me more than anyone I personally knew for her bravery, positivity, and honest humanity.

So Debbie, this is for you:


“Within the past year, I’ve found a role model in a blogger named Debbie who speaks out about Borderline Personality Disorder. She posts about her experiences, people’s perceptions, specific events, living with the disorder, and treatments to get better. Debbie grew a following not only on her blog, but also on twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, where Healing from BPD has taken off as a positive  outlet and inspiration for people with the disorder. I’ve followed her for about a year, and have been…

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