Neighbour Incident Aftermath

I was explaining the incident with my parents’ neighbour to my mother-in-law this morning and she asked me if I should see my psychiatrist.  I told her that that wouldn’t fix this.  She told me that if something like that happens to her, she’s feel bad about it for a couple of days, but then she’d be over it.  It must be nice to be able to do that.  I told her that it doesn’t work like that for me.

I did everything that usually makes me feel better but it hasn’t worked.  Sometimes it’ll help a little bit for a short time, but it always comes back.   What do you do in a situation like this?  Right now, it’s not too bad, but it’ll hit me out of the blue, at the worst possible time of course.  Life is so hard to cope with without this, let alone having to deal with this too.

4 responses to “Neighbour Incident Aftermath”

  1. Keep your chin up – it is so tough just take one day at a time that is what I am doing at the moment.



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