5 Things You Should Not Say to a Borderline

Borderline Confessions

When someone is confiding in you about their Borderline Personality Disorder, try to listen and understand how it feels to be them. And please try your best to avoid saying the following phrasesBorderline Personality Disorder:

  • “I don’t think you have BPD”  – This is not helpful nor comforting. It may also result in break of trust which may be devastating to the Borderline. Mental health profession study for years to understand the mind, and even they take a long, long time to diagnose BPD. If you don’t know how to respond, just listen and try to understand.
  • “You’re too sensitive”  – Judging and labeling will only piss off the person, who is trying their best to speak about extremely difficult aspect of their life. And even if what you’re saying is the truth, how is it helpful?
  • Get a grip” – It’s not as simple as it sounds and if it…

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