“I was gonna do that…”

I’m always saying to my husband “I was gonna do that, but…”  And then he says “You were gonna…You were gonna…But you never do it.  You always have excuses.”  I always feel so many emotions all at the same time when this happens.  The first and main thing is the feeling of “I’m not good enough.”  I also feel guilt, shame, overwhelmed, anxiety, frustrated, misunderstood and depression.

Does anyone else go through this?  How do you handle it?

3 responses to ““I was gonna do that…””

  1. Tell yourself that you are good enough when ever you feel guilt or shame, look at that emotion and stick out your tongue at it. If you convince yourself the anxiety will pass. You have to convince yourself. It is a part of a lower self esteem. To convince yourself that you are, make a list. prove it to yourself. With self esteem, hearing others tell you that you are good enough is nice, but doesn’t raise it. You have to convince yourself, see it in yourself, see what others see.


  2. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I needed that. I’ll try my best.


  3. I find myself looking to my husband for validation for my actions. When he doesn’t give it to me, I feel the same way. I have learned to validate myself (although it is hard at times – I use self-talk or write a validating letter to myself in my journal) that way I don’t depend on other people to validate me all of the time.



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