What do you think of this site and my blog?  What about links to this site on FaceBook, etc?  Is there anything that you especially like or would like to see more of?  Are there any blog posts or articles which particularly spoke to you?

Am I making a difference to anyone out there?  Letting you know that you’re not alone, and that others experience the same things that you do?  Are there any thought-provoking items?  Any things that you’ve found on this site that you haven’t found anywhere else?

I run this site for myself as well, for my own mental well-being.  I am hoping to not feel so alone as well.  I have received a few comments, but am always curious as to what others think.  What are your experiences with Borderline Personality Disorder?  Do you encounter stigma?  Or do you keep your diagnosis to yourself?  Are others understanding of it, or do they have misconceptions about it?  Do you get any validation of your feelings, or are you totally invalidated by everyone, all the time?  Do you do anything to try to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of BPD?  What symptoms do you have (if you are comfortable sharing them)?  Have you had any success?

Where are you in your journey to recovery?  Have you just been diagnosed and are beginning your journey?  Or are you now in recovery and have some advice for people who are just beginning theirs?

I look forward to hearing any comments.


2 responses to “Comments”

  1. I really enjoy reading it. It helps me understand myself more every day. Please keep it up.


  2. Thank you! It’s nice to know you’re making a difference to someone out there.



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