My dad had his first round of chemo yesterday.  I was so worried when I woke up yesterday.  But I kept busy all morning, and half of the afternoon, and mostly forgot about it.  Until I met my brother for coffee.

But my sister called yesterday evening and said that it went pretty well.  Except that the night before, my dad’s van died on him.  Then, yesterday morning, their pump quit working so they had no water.  Then my dad had a bad reaction to the chemo and started sweating but they gave him an injection right away and he recovered immediately.  At least while he was getting the chemo, he got to watch “The Young and The Restless”!  He’s doing pretty well considering.  I spoke to him for a few minutes.  He said he’s determined to fight this.  Thank God!  He’s been feeling so discouraged.  He could hardly do anything, and he can’t stand just sitting around doing nothing.  It drives him crazy!

I kept busy yesterday afternoon by going to a group to review my DBT skills.  It was pretty good.  We have to practice breathing for next week.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Till next time,


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