9 responses to “fuckyouborderlines@burninhell.com”

  1. Who the fuck is insensitive enough to leave a comment like that?


  2. Nobody deserves to hear something like that, especially someone who has BPD. Yes you may have gotten hurt by someone that has it. But thats so completely ignorant of you and so fucking untrue. everyone is different. just becuase someone hurt you really badly does not mean that that happens to other people. Fuck i wish i knew who you really were so i could sit you down and make you educated you peice of shit.


  3. Dear ignorant as fuck motherfucker.

    Thanks for your fucked up opinion, I would just like to let you know you are no longer entitled to an opinion because YOUR OPINION IS WRONG!

    I’ll let the DSM know that according to you they are full of shit, and all doctors and mental health professions they have a bullshit degree, because according to you, who knows fuck all about anything, bpd isn’t real.

    Just throwing it out there that BPD kinda is real, but may I suggest forming a support group for low life fuckwits who have nothing better to do than keyboard worrier on shit they know nothing about.

    Who am I? I’m someone with a piece of paper saying I know my shit.

    Go get a hobby, and stop trying to play it tough over the internet to compensate for what I call “wee man syndrome”.

    Fuck you muchly,

    A BPD lover, supporter and etc

    Fuck you.


  4. amen Bron , Amen


  5. The person who wrote that, is not only ignorant about BPD. They are also ignorant of the English language. It’s a shame they couldn’t substitute real words, instead of all the profanity.
    I feel sorry for someone who would write that message. They need some serious Mental Health Therapy. Much more than BPD’s like myself!


  6. Victim of a Borderline Avatar
    Victim of a Borderline

    ahh…the infamous BORDERLINE RAGE. Here is yet another example. Thanks, Bronwyn Allan, for showing us all just how crazy you really are. You folks do know that everytime you answer one of my posts with your rage and rants, you only reinforce the stereotype of the Crazy Ass Borderlines and create MORE stigma for yourselves. You do know that? Right? Huh?

    I have a good laugh everytime one of you BPD nutcases goes on the warpath. It only proves point even further. NO SELF CONTROL AT ALL. Total lack of impulse control.


  7. Hey Joyce! Got another comment a few days ago on this same post, at the bottom. http://mmstores.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/fucking-mental-cases-you-borderlines-deserve-to-die/ Victim of a Borderline actually went by “Amy Harper Valentine” the first time he commented which wasn’t too long after she died. Thought you might be interested since this disturbing person commented on your page as well. Very very sick.


    1. I’ve had to read the comments several times just to wrap my head around the idea of how sick this “individual” is. And they say we’re crazy! Thanks for the heads-up! I can’t believe how sick some people are! At least we behave the way we do because we don’t know any better, until we get the right therapy. Not because we’re cruel and sick to people who are suffering, for no reason!


      1. I don’t get it. I posted the comment on the BPD section on Reddit and asked if anyone else got comments like that. I got a lot of reply’s. OF COURSE one from an ignorant guy who didn’t say we should all go to hell, but that he understood the stigma because we were all self centered, sadistic, child like… lot’s of stuff. There is SO much I don’t understand! This one is different because it’s personal, he’s attacking this woman he seemed to know who died and even using her name. But when I looked up “victim of a borderline” which was a name one person commented under on my page, you wouldn’t believe all the stuff that came up. The very first thing was an article from a clinical psychologist with a PHD talking about how to leave a “borderline”. It’s wasn’t too flattering. Most of these people shove all with the diagnosis together and I don’t get it. I’m wondering if there should be 2 different forms. Those with BPD that these people talk about ruin others lives, irrational rage to the extreme. I’m not like that, you’re not like that. Like you I’m having a really hard time understanding why professionals even see only a segment of the 6% of the population and label them all as monsters.



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