BPD Self Harm thoughts & behaviors – trigger warning


Please don’t continue if you are at risk of self harm or feeling suicidal as this post contains triggers. I do not wish to adversely affect any one else’s struggle with Mental Health. This is my stuff.

I had thought of not posting this as I feel like a thought thief but it is more a gathering of information, dissemination and realization.


This comes after a recent event that I am having trouble getting past. I need to compose these thoughts so that I can understand them.

Since 8 years old, I knew I was not like my peers. I have memories from as early as 4 yrs I now know were not normal.

This is only re-enforced when I compare and peer with fearful diagnostic eyes upon my own sons life. I have always been assured to find only a beautiful, well balanced, compassionate and caring young man…

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