BPD and Feeling “Different”

I feel so different from other people.  Not just a little different, like some people.  Different as in “I’m the last of my species that’s about to die out” different.  I feel so absolutely, positively ALONE.  Alone in the universe.  Like on Star Trek: The Next Generation, when Capt. Picard discovered that “time capsule” from a world that had died out.  That alone.

No one understands.  To feel so alone and misunderstood is HELL!

But then you hear rumours about others like you, and you begin your quest to find them.  You HAVE TO find them.  You are compelled to find them.  You search everywhere and, just as you’re about to give up hope, YOU FIND THEM!

They begin to describe their lives and it sounds exactly the same as what you’ve been going through.  For the first time in your life, SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS!  You feel tears of happiness streaming down your cheeks for the first time ever.




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