My Bullying Story

I was bullied all through school.  When I was in Grade 9, I spoke up about it and got beaten up.  I never did that ever again!  The principal called me and the girls who beat me up, along with our parents, into his office and made them apologize, then asked me if everything was ok now.  I said “Yes.”  What was I going to say?  “No, that’s not ok!?”  Why do people get bullied?  BECAUSE THEY HAVE LOW SELF-ESTEEM!  Another time, I was getting teased in class and ran to the bathroom, bawling my eyes out.  When I came back, they called me “crybaby!”  The teacher never even noticed or did anything.

Many of the kids that I went to school with lived in the same town as me, so every time I went downstreet, I’d see them, and hear them making fun of me.  I cried myself to sleep pretty much every single night.  It got so bad that, when I had graduated but was still living at home with Mom and Dad, I became agoraphobic for a few years, until I suffered a bit of a breakdown.

When I first went for counselling, I was so shy because of it, that I couldn’t even look at or speak to her.  I handed her a note then looked at the floor.  She’d ask me questions and I’d mumble and whisper.  She had to keep saying “Pardon?…Pardon?…Pardon?”

This is the effect that bullying had on me and my life.  The damage can last forever.  I still struggle with it to this day.



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