2 thoughts on “Brief Group Therapy Can Improve Teen Mental Health | Psych Central News

  1. I live in a City where mental health is still thought of as an attention seeking ‘illness’ . I have a 21 yr old boy with BPD like me , I have a 12 yr old who’s Aspergers which to me is an emotional regulation illness too anyways my sons CALMS team decided to try something 2 years ago in school , it is called circle time and it’s just 30 minutes of a trained teacher talking about feelings well the 1st day went so well I was called to the school to be told boys (not my son) all spoke about their feelings and what happened there body when they got the emotion , 3 months it was catching on and I was pleased to hear my son actually spoke about his OCD ( my son never spoke in class ) . I was so thrilled that now kids were learning about emotions to me it’s as important as learning how your heart works well my hope got crushed yet again the ‘funding’ was taken for it I still try fight for that 30 mins a week not for my son he’s in a different school but for all the kids growing up being taught everything except the emotions they live with every day it’s so sad the world we live in . Mental Health is after ruining my life and already my kids 😦


  2. Wow! It sounds like you have a very challenging life! But kudos to you for fighting for this program! I also believe that children’s mental health is just as important as physical health. That’s great that your son made such progress, and very sad that they took the funding away for it. Keep fighting! ❤



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