“Theoretical Pedophile” James Kincaid To Speak At OISE Symposium


Sick quote in article!

Living in Anglo-America


“Theoretical Pedophile” James Kincaid To Speak At OISE Symposium
Dr. Charles McVety writes:
Dr. Kincaid is a well-known advocate for pedophilia, a criminal activity in Canada. He has authored several books on the topic including Child Loving in which he states “If the child is desirable, then to desire it can hardly be freakish. To maintain otherwise is to put into operation pretty hefty engines of denial and self-deception.”

The infamous organization NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) lists Dr. Kincaid as an advocate while depending on his arguments for the advancement of child abuse. Dr. Kincaid admittedly refers to himself as a “theoretical pedophile” and frequently uses the collective terms “we” or “us” when discussing child molesters.

His work has been roundly condemned by the New York Times, The Daily Mail, several British Members of Parliament and Michael Hames of Scotland Yard.

He plans to offer his…

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