Pedophile Teacher in Toronto – NOTICE OF HEARING!

3 responses to “Pedophile Teacher in Toronto – NOTICE OF HEARING!”

  1. The Toronto District School Board has their fair share of female pedophiles who work as administrators, Vice Principals, Principals, Superintendents and Chairpersons. Unfortunately the TDSB cronies are keen on covering up the sex allegations from the media and public.


  2. Mayor Rob Ford is right. I have no reason to resign, Mayor Rob Ford proclaimed in a brief appearance outside City Hall.

    First of all, Mayor Rob Ford is accused of smoking crack with drug dealers and having connections with convicted criminals. This is what the Toronto Star and other sensational newspapers claim. But what does smoking crack off-duty have to do with anything? Nothing! Rob Ford at least, was not smoking any prohibited substance in his office duties.

    While the newspapers are in a frantic desperation to garner and gather sales through sensationalism, children under the age of 18 years of age are being sexually, physically and emotionally abused by senior teachers and Trustees who are employed at the Toronto District School Board. You hardly hear anything about these teacher to student sex allegations in the popular media because the Toronto District School Board uses legal coercion to suppress any damning information which sheds light of the sexual abuse of students who attend Toronto schools.

    Take for instance, Mary Gowans. Even the evidence showed that Mary Gowans and the-then 14 year old student exchanged over 2,000 text messages, some of the text messages of which were overtly sexualized in nature. One provocative text message Mary Gowans sent to the student was Christmas came early, babe happy.gif. Mary Gowans even let the student into her home under the guise of babysitting employment. Mary Gowans seemed to be the typical pedophile who groomed the student to perform sexual intercourse with her, but the lack of evidence or common sense resulted in the Judge ruling a not guilty charge for the accusation of pedophile charges.

    Gordy Stefulic, current Chair of the Toronto Schools Administrator Association was accused of having sexual intercourse with students dating back to the 1990s. In 2008, Gordy Stefulic was accused of recording, distributing and sharing child pornography with under-aged students of Etobicoke Collegiate Institute and Silverthorn Collegiate Institute. Three students were implicated in massaging and fondling Gordy Stefulic on Toronto District School Board property. One female student alleged that Gordy Stefulic directed a male student to sexually harass her because Gordy Stefulic had a grudge against Muslim female students who wore the conventional headdress. The female Muslim student and her parents filed several complaints to the former TDSB Director Dr. Chris Spence, but to date the Muslim female student and her parents received no reply of the sexual assault which occurred in 2007.

    Vivian Mavrou, current Vice Principal of Martingrove Collegiate Institute was a known white supremacist and sexual predator who was incompetent as a Mathematics teacher while she was teaching at Thistletown Collegiate Institute in the early 2000s. Because of the teachers union tenure policies which favoured old white middle and upper class Canadians, Vivian Mavrou was promoted to Silverthorn Collegiate Institute as a Vice Principal. Allegations surfaced about Vivian Mavrou and a school bully who were seen in Vivian Mavrous vehicle after school hours. Some students alleged Vivian Mavrou had sexual interference with the 15 year old school bully, and this conflict of interest caused many innocent students to become victims of school bullying. Vivian Mavrou failed to protect the students from being physically, emotionally and sexually assaulted by the school bully because Vivian Mavrou was having sex with the school bully and returned the favour by giving the school bully permission to bully students! The Toronto District School Board cited lack of evidence when the investigation was given and Vivian Mavrou was transferred to Martingrove Collegiate Institute where she enforced fascist policies to students to suppress freedom of speech in Toronto schools.

    Varla Abrams in her decades career as a teacher, had sexual intercourse with at least four students and she had to be transferred many times because of those immoral incidents. Varla was notorious in the news for being a suppresser of freedom of expression in government-funded Canadian schools.

    Mary Gowans, Gordy Stefulic, Vivian Mavrou and Varla Abrams committed heinous sexual exploitation crimes against minors and students using their position of authority. But why is their a lack of concern, but accusations of Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack are met with the most uncivilized, unconstitutional and herd-mentality behaviour by the public and media in forcing Mayor Rob Ford to resign?

    At least Mayor Rob Ford does the job well as a person in authority. Canadians have no business as to what Mayor Rob Ford does in his spare time out of office. There are Toronto District School Board teachers who use their work time to have sexual interference with minors. These TDSB sex predators are named Mary Gowans, Vivian Mavrou, Gordy Stefulic and Varla Abrams.

    Tania Pontbriand and Nathalie Champagne are Canadian harlots who had sex with many students while they were teachers. Female white middle-upper class teachers are the majority of pedophiles in Canada. If the Conservative government could put all of these pedophile teachers on the public Sex Offenders Registry, nature will take its course.


  3. I can’t believe their names aren’t on it already! Thank you for all of this information. I have a HUGE thing for bullies, and sex offenders who shouldn’t be teaching our children or running our schools or school boards.



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