Change is a Good Thing

Where I Stand

Change Is a Good Thing
By Guest Blogger Lizzie Elsberg     

UnknownI don’t know if I have ever met anyone who genuinely likes change. As humans, we are creatures of habit, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Change, however, is an inevitable part of life – we will go away to school, get new jobs, make new friends, etc. It might be hard at first, but most people adapt. My mom has this “21 day theory” – she says give anything 21 days and you will get used to it. In my experience, I have found this theory to be true in most cases. My one exception, however, is recovering from a mental illness.

Recovering from a mental illness requires one to change the very essence of who they are, or rather, who they BELIEVE they are. On the surface, it sounds so simple. A depressed person…

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