Meditation and Rest

Last night, I found my MP3 player and listened to some meditations before bed.  It really helped.  If anyone would like to listen to them, go to:  There are some meditations specifically for rest and relaxation.  The Deep Rest Guided Meditation is excellent.  There is even a Sleep Meditation for Children.  They have meditations for everything – ones to energize you and many more – too many to list here.

I’ve slept better last night than I have in a long time.  My insomnia hardly bothered me at all once I started listening to the meditations.  I listened to a couple of them before I started drifting off.  I should have started it a lot sooner.  Oh well,  better late then never!  I think I’ll try this every night.  Does anyone else use meditation?  Does it help you with sleeping or anything else in your life?  Please comment below!  Thanks,

– Joyce.


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