BOOK REVIEW – “Get Me Out Of Here” by Rachel Reiland

Full title:  “get me out of here:  My Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder”

This book follows Rachel through four years of seeing her psychiatrist.  It gives an understanding of what people with Borderline Personality Disorder’s thinking patterns are like.  It traces her progress from when she first meets Dr. Padgett to when she is finally ready to end therapy, using the knowledge she has gained about herself.

Along with BPD, Rachel also suffers from an eating disorder and other self-sabotaging behaviours such as substance abuse and being promiscuous.

The book flows along at a fairly steady pace, keeping the reader engaged.

You can purchase Rachel’s book here:


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2 responses to “BOOK REVIEW – “Get Me Out Of Here” by Rachel Reiland”

  1. I’ve read this book as well. It was one of my favorite books about BPD. I feel it is the best insight to the mind of someone with BPD that I’ve yet to come across in terms of books.


    1. I also found that it really showed the Borderline thought processes accurately as well. Thank you for commenting!



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