The Quiet Borderline: The Forgotten Ones (Video)

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5 responses to “The Quiet Borderline: The Forgotten Ones (Video)”

  1. Joyce.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. It helps me a lot.

    At the same time it makes me incredibly sad and helpless. I don’t know where I stand anymore in regards to her.


    1. (Hugs) I wish I could do more. If she isn’t getting the help she needs, I hope she gets it soon. DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) is the best treatment for BPD. It helped me. She has to be willing to do it though. (Hugs) again.


      1. I have almost no contact to her.
        Before I left for Europe to visit family and give her space (we had gotten back together,) we were talking a lot about her wanting to go back to therapy and seek help in general. Bpd is a taboo word for her, she refers to herself as suffering from cptsd (which can be quite similar.)
        Anyways. When I left I obviously triggered her abandonment fears and she cheated and replaced me within 2 weeks.

        She then broke up by sending a text:
        “I don’t want to talk anymore, there is nothing left for us.”

        I think the the part about talking also referred to us talking a lot about her problems.


        1. You probably did trigger her abandonment fears when you left. Maybe she was getting overwhelmed talking about things. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed very easily and need to retreat somewhere and have a break to process things. Everything gets to be too much. I hope that helps a little.


          1. Yes, thank you.
            I have read incredibly much about everything concerning our problem.
            What hurts is to understand the mechanism behind it, but having to watch how everything falls apart.
            The more I would try to do anything now, the worse it would get (if that is even possible.)
            I am at the point where her sending me a kind of weird thank you text in reply to my bd card was a huge relief of probably at least not having been painted black.

            But I don’t think there is hope, to be honest. I expect her to Ulm through with the divorce (even if it’s only because of shame, not wanting to admit she made a “mistake.”)

            It Sucks. I know it is an illusion, but she could have told me EVERYTHING and wouldn’t have driven me away. She’s the love of my life.
            But she couldn’t. And that is part of the core of what happened.



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