My Daughter – The Saga Continues

Our daughter has been staying with friends for the last week straight.  At least we’ve got to see her for a few minutes a couple of times and know that she’s safe.  I texted her “Miss you” and she texted back “Miss you too”  She gave me a great big hug when I saw her.  I saw her today at lunch for a few minutes.  I wish she’d just come home though!

We’re gonna give her my mother-in-law’s cell phone with some time on it so that she can call or text us and we can know that she’s safe and won’t have to worry about her.  Then my mother-in-law will use her old cell phone.

We got her a Tim Horton’s card so that she can get some Iced Capps with it.  She loves her Iced Capps!  At least that way we can kind of control what she buys and she can’t just get smokes or something like she could if we just gave her cash.  My mom and dad gave me a birthday card for her.  There was probably some money in it.  Oh, well.  Maybe we can get her a gift card for nofrills and she can buy herself some groceries.  I don’t even know what she’s eating right now.  She used to waste so much food here.  If she ever gets a place of her own, she’ll learn about how much it costs for groceries.  Hopefully, it’ll give her a bit of an appreciation for how much it cost us to feed her and she won’t waste food anymore.

I still have a bunch of cleaning up to do in her room.  At least there’s no food in there anymore, or dirty dishes.

When my husband and mother-in-law saw her, they told her that they loved her.  She introduced me to her (boy)friend.  I wish I knew exactly who she was staying with and didn’t have to hope that she wasn’t lying to us about it.  Kids!  They literally drive you crazy!


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