Sadness Deep Inside

Right now, I have a lot of sadness inside me.  I don’t feel it right now because if I did, I would start crying and feel like I could never stop.  I am sad about my weight gain.  I am sad that I don’t have the energy to play with my son the way I’d like to.  I am sad that I haven’t got the energy to do things for me that I’d like to.  There are many other things to that I may talk about someday.

I don’t know what to do.  I know that, if I don’t let my sadness out, eventually it’s going to come bursting out anyways.  It’s been so long feeling like this.  It won’t help things if I do let it out anyways.  Things aren’t going to change.  My weight is a huge one.  It affects everything.  I want to cry so badly!  I’ve talked to my counsellor a little bit about it but I haven’t told her everything.  She says I should talk to my doctor.  I’m gonna have to make an appointment soon.  I hate being so fatigued all the time.  It affects everything as well.

I feel so hopeless and helpless.  I eat right and walk every day.  Walking is supposed to be the best exercise.  I feel like I just keep complaining about the same things over and over.  Who wants to hear that?

I just really needed to let this out today.  Thanks to anyone who actually read this.

– Joyce.

9 responses to “Sadness Deep Inside

  1. I’m really sorry you feel like this. I really hope it all gets much better soon.


  2. Venting is always good Joyce. 🙂 talk to your Gp about your weight. Talk of the exercise and your diet. Perhaps you are fine. Maybe your doctor will offer ideas or tell you ro relax and continue. Weight is slow to leave.

    Don’t stop walking though.


  3. There could be a lot of explanations for your weight gain. Definitely talk to your doctor about it.

    Writing about it talking to your counselor about it and crying about it are all natural ways to deal with it. Feel your sad feelings and let it out. It will all be OK. I promise.


    • Thank you for your comment. It really helps hearing all of these suggestions and advice from people who know from experience and are not just invalidating you.



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