“I’m Not Coming Home!”

My daughter just called wanting money for Tim Hortons.  I told her she could come here and grab something.  She said no because her friend was waiting for her.  I asked her when she was coming back home and she said she wasn’t.  She has no plans.  It seems like her plan is to crash with friends wherever and ask us for money for Iced Capps and food.

I just found out that she intends to move in with her boyfriend.  They have no money or jobs but they want an apartment.  I don’t know how she expects to do that with no money.  Probably go on welfare.  We can get her some gift certificates for food.

I suggested that she come home so that her dad, grandma and I can have a talk about things and maybe come up with a plan.  She didn’t want to and just said that if I wasn’t going to help her then “Good bye” and hung up.

I don’t know how much longer I can take this.  It’s a wonder I’m not having a nervous breakdown right now.  I asked her what we were supposed to do with her room and she said “I don’t know.”  We are on ODSP and can’t afford this place without her because they’ll cut our cheque down.  We can’t even afford it with her living here.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.  Thanks for listening,

– Joyce


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