Is She Lying?

My daughter didn’t stop by the Peer Support Centre yesterday.  I saw her and her boyfriend on my way home from there but they didn’t see me.  They stopped by the Peer Support Centre today.  She actually stayed for lunch.  She didn’t ask me for money for takeout, which was so nice for a change.  But I’m wondering if she’s lying about working.  She’s hardly attending school.  I don’t know if she’s lying about that too.  You never know with her.  We’ve caught her in lies in the past.  I really hope she hasn’t been lying to us.  She asked us for money for her uniform last week.  If she’s not working, then she used the money for something else but what – takeout, smokes, something else?  I really hate being lied to.  We’ll have to find out somehow if she’s been lying to us or not.  Stay tuned for more drama right here,

– Joyce.

2 responses to “Is She Lying?”

  1. I hope she’s not lying to you. that would suck. Its nice of you to help her out when you can. that shows how kind you are. xx



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