December Update

My husband and I had a date Friday.  We hadn’t had one for several months.  It was so nice for a change!  Sunday, we watched movies together.  We haven’t done that for about a year.  We were supposed to have a date yesterday, but he cancelled it Monday night.  I don’t know why.  I’ve been going through so many emotions because of it – mainly depression, and wondering why he cancelled it.  My moods have been up and down all week.

I was hoping we’d get some money I’d been expecting today, but we haven’t gotten it.  Maybe next month.  I was hoping so much that it would come in this month, with it being Christmas.  Oh, well!  We’ll give our son a good Christmas somehow anyways.  We’ll be all right somehow.  We always are.

Our daughter came over last night, wanting money again, for groceries.  I made out a receipt and had her sign it, showing that we gave her the money, so they can’t come back later and say that we never gave them anything.  We’re just about into our overdraft on our account and the rent hasn’t even come out yet.  They can’t need it that badly if they wait until the middle of the month to take it out.  If it was me, I’d take it out right on the first of the month, or as soon as possible after.  We can’t find their number to get a hold of them.  Oh well!

I hope everyone is having a good December.  I’m still looking for those positive “Christmas with BPD” stories.  I hope to hear from some of you soon.  Thanks,



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