Calls from my Daughter

Our daughter’s been calling all afternoon and evening.  First, she wanted to come over and do laundry.  We hardly have any laundry detergent, and it costs us for the water and hydro.  Then she asked us for money for groceries.  We haven’t got any money for groceries.  We barely have enough money for ourselves, let alone extra for her and her boyfriend.  She just went shopping with me on Saturday.  She mostly got stuff to drink and a couple of Mr. Noodles.  I told her that maybe she should make a list next time she goes shopping.  She told me that she didn’t have to make a list, she just needed more money (from us).  I asked her if she wanted me to look up some easy recipes for her to make.  She said she didn’t need any recipes.

If they need to do laundry and don’t have any money, they can do it for free at the local Peer Support Centre.  They actually signed up one day, but then cancelled at the last minute to hang out with friends.  Priorities!

We sent over some food that we don’t really eat.  They’re probably not fussy about the stuff we sent over but beggars can’t be choosers, can they?  At least they can’t say that they have nothing to eat now.  And Grandma can take them to the Mission tomorrow if they need more food.  It’s free lunch day there tomorrow.

My nerves are starting to get to me with all of this.  Welcome to the real world, sweetie!


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