Happy Boxing Day!

fireplace - cropped

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.  Mine was quiet, which was okay.  My husband is in a deep depression.  Our daughter wants to stay here for a couple of days.  We’ve arranged for her and her boyfriend to stay at the motel for a couple more nights, until they can move into their apartment on Monday.

I’m doing a pretty good job of staying as sane as possible, if I do say so myself.  So far, so good.  I hope it keeps up.  Next month is my birthday.  I’ll be 46 years old.  A few more years, and I’ll be half a century old.  I can’t believe it!  It can’t be as bad as my 44th birthday at least!

I received quite a few presents from a very good friend of mine.  She has been a real friend to me.  I’ve never really had friends before.  I had one several years ago, that moved away.  That was really hard for me to deal with.  I’m so glad I have this friend now.  She’s been so nice I can hardly believe it.

I’d like to hear how your Christmas went.  Happy Holidays everyone,

– Joyce.

3 responses to “Happy Boxing Day!

  1. My Christmas wasn’t that great because we had issues with our daughter. I know you can relate to this. 🙂 We made the best of it. I am glad it is over.


    • I’m so sorry that your Christmas didn’t go well. It’s too bad that you’re having issues with your daughter. Our daughter showed up on Christmas Eve for a few minutes to pick up her presents, then left. No drama there. Which was good. I hope your New Year’s goes better than your Christmas went. (Hugs) ❤



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