Mental health and the holidays: we’ve survived Christmas, but what about New Year’s Eve?

Life in a Bind – BPD and me

My heart sank when I saw the first of the ‘It’s been a great year – thanks for being a part of it!’ pictorial summaries pop up in my Facebook feed. It seemed to start earlier this year, and just as the equivalent gimmick did last year, it’s spreading like wildfire; like some sort of contagion. In addition, I know that come tomorrow, 31 December, my feed will start filling up with expressions of festive cheer, thankfulness and the highlights of my friends’ lives over the last years eve and facebook

If there were a Scrooge of the New Year season, I would probably be it. If there were a New Year’s alternative to ‘Bah humbug’, I would probably use it. But at the risk of losing those of you at this point who think I’m simply a mean and grumpy party-pooper – I have a serious point to make.

I take part…

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