My Daughter’s Heartbreak

My daughter just went home after visiting for a bit.  Her boyfriend just broke up with her and she was, understandably, upset.  Her and her boyfriend both have their apartment that they’re staying at, with their friends, until the end of the month.  Then, if they don’t get back together, she’s gonna have to look for her own place.  She said that she doesn’t think they’ll get back together because, once he’s made his mind up, he doesn’t change it.  I just wanted to give her a hug and make it all better for her but she didn’t want to be touched.  She gets like that when she’s upset.  But she let her dad give her a hug before she left.  It’s been like that since Day One.  She did let me give her a hug when she first got here, but I just wanted to give her another hug and make all her pain go away.

She asked for a few bucks to get herself a treat.  I gave her just a few bucks and a bit of change.  I told her we couldn’t give her any more.  We couldn’t even really spare that.  We’ll barely have enough money for our rent this month when we get our Baby Bonus.  We’re supposed to be getting some more money from the government but we haven’t gotten it yet.

I hope things work out okay for her.  I’m sending her all the positive vibes I can.  I hope it helps.  😦

– Joyce.


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