What’s He Thinking?

We finally got our money from the government that we have been trying to get for months now.  Thank God!  It’s come in really handy.  We’re still broke but at least not quite as broke as we were.

Our daughter stayed here for the last week straight.  Her boyfriend told her that she could stay here and he could stay at the apartment that they were supposed to be sharing with another couple.  The other night she never came home or called.  Then she came knocking at the door at 5:30 in the morning the next day!  Then last night, she went back to the apartment with her boyfriend.  She said that they had broken up.  That he told her that if she didn’t go to school, he would break up with her.  Then he got jealous because he thought that she was cheating on him with someone at school (which she wasn’t).  I don’t know what to think.  But I hate seeing her upset because of him.  My husband doesn’t even want him in our house anymore.  He thinks that he just wants our daughter to pay her share of the rent, then he can kick her out to come live with us again.  Who knows what he’s thinking?  I don’t like the thought of him coming in either if he’s just going to get our daughter all upset – breaking up with her, then getting back together, then breaking up again.  I asked her before if they were together and she said that basically he was acting like they still were and that she was just going along with it.  I told her that I’d demand to know where we stood.  I think she’d rather not ask and give him a chance to say that they’re not still together.  What a situation!

– Joyce.

4 responses to “What’s He Thinking?”

  1. It sounds like she needs to get rid of him…he will emotionally destroy her…SHE needs to take the power back and kick him to the curb!!!


    1. He seemed like an okay kid when we first met him, but now we’re not so sure. We told her that she paid rent for the month to live in that apartment too, so that means that he can find a different place to crash for a few nights and let her stay there. She paid rent for the month already and she’s stayed at our house for the last week, plus a few days here and there earlier when they split up, and she came home crying over him. Of course, all we can do is give her advice. It’s up to her whether she takes it or not. Thanks for commenting!


      1. From a parent who had 2 of her children walk away from her, one is back…our son just keeps his distance from us all…whole other story…but one girl will not have any thing to do with me. My thought to you is this…listen to her struggles and wipe away her tears, love her, be there for her, open your home to her…but no “advice”!!! Please don’t put her in the position to even have to see, talk or argue with him. If he kicks her out…get her stuff when she is gone and TAKE HIM TO COURT for what she has paid for rent. Oh how I wish we could “fix” everything…for most of us…wisdom does come with experience and age…but it doesn’t mean that the process doesn’t suck…and that we must realize we must ALWAYS stay parents and not become friends. My two children don’t always LIKE it…but the respect barometer has raised considerably. We had to have our son and his family move in after their apartment was flooded last spring…one thing that made my son madder than hell…but that he REALLY respects me now for, is that if they are in MY home…MY rules!!! ❤ Best Wishes…hope this helps a little…and if not…that's okay too!


        1. We were thinking of taking him to court but we didn’t know if we should or not. We didn’t want him to get mad and make things worse for her. She is welcome to stay here if she absolutely has no where else to go, but it’s not good for anyone if she stays too long. She clashes with everyone, doesn’t go by the rules, can be verbally abusive. We still love her to like hell, though. Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll see what happens at the end of the month.



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