Our Son’s Birthday and Our Daughter’s Apartment Problem

Our daughter has stayed with us for about a week and a half.  She didn’t come back last night.  I met her at the Peer Support Centre today.  She’s supposed to be staying in another apartment with a couple of friends…male friends…of her “boyfriend”s…who are 21 and the other one’s in his thirties or about 40…one of whom came onto her.  I don’t know if she stayed there last night or not.  She didn’t talk about it.  She’s already given them some money so that she can stay at their place and sleep on their sofa for the month.  She said it feels too awkward staying there.  Maybe she should just get her money back and stay here until she can find another place to stay.  I think she’s put her name in for social housing.  There’s usually a waiting list for about 5 years until you get a place through them, but she might get her name put on priority.

I don’t know if she’s gonna show up at our door tonight or not.  She says she never knows what she’s doing.  We’d kind of like to know.  It gets on our nerves so bad wondering all the time where she is and what she’s up to and with whom.  Kids!  They drive you crazy.

It’s our son’s birthday in a couple of days.  He’ll be thirteen.  Wow, we’ll have two teenagers then.  Yay!  At least he seems more level-headed than our daughter.  Except that he seems to have a bit of OCD.  We’ll have to try and get him help for that.  Whenever his sister is around, he stays in his room with the door shut until she leaves, as much as possible.  I don’t totally blame him.  She’s lost control before and charged at him, scaring him, when she was having an emotional outburst.  I wish everybody could just get along.  I wish things would work out for our daughter.  I wish I had the energy to deal with all of this better.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings once again.  Till next time,

– Joyce.


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