Midnight Pie and My Son’s Birthday Today!

While I was asleep last night, our daughter came home, ate the last piece of pie, left the light on in my office then left.  I guess it was around 12:30.  I don’t know how long she stayed.  She probably tried to use the computer, but I put a lock on it so that she couldn’t use it after midnight.  I’ll bet that pissed her off!  But we have rules around here.  She’d be on the computer all night and sleep here all day if we let her.  She needs to do some schoolwork.  I don’t know the last time she did any.

Today’s my son’s birthday.  He’s 13 years old today.  Wow!  Now we have two teenagers.  I’m coming home early today to make sure I’m here when he gets home from school.  I hope he enjoys his birthday.  I wonder if our daughter will show up?  If she does, he’ll probably spend the day in his room with the door shut, playing on his iPod like he usually does.  Please let him have a good birthday today!

– Joyce.

2 responses to “Midnight Pie and My Son’s Birthday Today!”

  1. Happy Birthday to the young man! 😀
    I hope he has an awesome day too!


    1. Thank you! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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