My Sister’s Operation and More

I saw my counsellor yesterday.  I told her all about my daughter stealing my camera.  She told me that I should lock up all my valuables and watch her closely.  It’s too bad that I have to do that with my own daughter.  I feel so bad about it.  I shouldn’t have to do that.  We had a good appointment.

I’m hoping to visit my parents and sister this weekend.  My sister just had her gall bladder out.  She’s recovering at home.  I talked to her on the phone a while ago.  She was doing all right, but still in quite a bit of pain.  I’d like to get a recipe from my mom to make at the Peer Support Centre someday.  A fellow peer said that he could help me make it.

Not too much else to report today.  It was drizzly yesterday.  At least it’ll get rid of some of the snow.  Yay!  It’s supposed to be mixed precipitation today.  I’ll just be so glad when all of the snow is gone and the grass is green, and the flowers come up, and there’s little buds on the trees.

Thanks for joining me here today.  I’ll let you know how my sister is doing later.  Ta ta for now,

– Joyce.


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