I Can’t Write!

I look back at some of the writing I’ve done, in blog posts mostly, and sometimes it’s like someone else wrote them.  I can’t write like I used to.  I’ve lost my spark.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s my meds numbing me out, making me unable to write.  I’m hoping that a med change soon and the weather getting better will help my mood and help me with my writing.  I hate not being able to express myself the way I want to.  I used to take pride in being able to put into words how I was feeling so intensely.  I don’t want to get into a major depression or anything just to be able to write.  I just want to be at a happy medium where I can manage my emotions but still write passionately.  I’m sure there’s a way.  Many people do it.  I used to be able to.  I hope that most of my writing on this blog makes sense and isn’t too mundane to read.  I’m sure it must because, if it didn’t, nobody would read it, and I do have a few followers.  Always looking for more (hint, hint 😉 )

I’ll see if anything changes when my meds change in April.  We’ll see if my writing improves or not.  I’m hoping for a miracle.  I need to get back into the groove of writing my book again.  It’s partly done.  Some parts are better than others.  I’ll have to finish it, and edit it.  I’ll be so glad when it’s finished!  First I need to get over this stupid writer’s block!

Thanks for listening to my rant again.  Till next time,

– Joyce.


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