A Very Busy Day!

I had a very busy day today.  First, I went to the Mission for Craft Group.  Then I went to the drugstore and refilled my meds.  Then I grabbed a coffee and a couple of cookies at the local bakery and read for a few minutes.  Then I popped over to the Peer Support Centre for an hour.  Then I saw my counsellor for half an hour.  Then I saw the dentist for a checkup and cleaning.  Then I went back to the Peer Support Centre for their monthly dinner.  Then I visited with everyone for a few minutes and read some more before I went home and played badminton with my son for a few minutes.

All in all, a very busy day!  But a good day.  I have several cavities though.  😦  I have to go back in May (on my sister’s birthday!) to get some fillings done on my remaining bottom teeth.  They said that I could either get a couple of root canals on the top ones, or else just get dentures.  I just want them gone!  They told me that I could think about it and let them know next time I see them but I don’t need to think about it.

Someone told me that they saw my daughter’s boyfriend and another young man pawning some stuff at the local pawn shop:  rings, coins, etc.  I’m gonna check there and see if my camera is there.  If it was, it’s probably long gone by now but there’s no harm in looking.

Yesterday, my daughter asked for more money.  I said “No”  I was strong!  I did it!  She was at the Peer Support Centre with her boyfriend.  She called her grandma and said that they had had a fight and broken up and that she needed to go for a drive and have a smoke.  They told me that she was supposed to go to town to try for her driver’s license.  Things just don’t add up.  She’s a liar and a thief!  I don’t know why.  We didn’t bring her up that way.  She needs help but she won’t go for it.  It’s so frustrating!  Especially when you try so hard to help her out, especially financially, and we’re going so broke because of it, and she steals from us.

Thanks for listening to another rant.  It is very appreciated.  Till the next one,

– Joyce.

3 responses to “A Very Busy Day!

  1. Well done for being strong. I feel for you with the way she behaves it is so upsetting for you and heartbreaking. All you can do is keep being strong and hope she sees the error of her ways one day. I hope your therapist is good to talk to about all this.xxx


    • My therapist is very good to talk to about all this. She keeps encouraging me to set boundaries with my daughter regarding money, etc. She was very proud of me today for being strong with her. It’s so hard to deal with it every day though. But support from people like you keep me going! 🙂 ❤ xoxo


  2. Always here Joyce, you are a great person, I love your postings and the work you do on your website and Facebook page. It is so informative and helps me a great deal. One day your daughter will realise and regret how she has been and then you can both mend your relationship, hugs.xxx

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