Mindfulness, attachments and my tree

BPD FFS Sue Sibbald

I realise it’s World Mental Health Awareness Week with mindfulness as its chosen theme. Personally I practise mindfulness it helps me I learnt acceptance and ways to still me and my mind and name and describe emotions I had no words for.

I know it’s not for everyone and that’s ok, when I went on my eight week course I thought I could be the best mindful person ever, I’m a tad competitive, until I finally realised that’s not quite the point….

My story is one of mindfulness and attachments something that plagues me every day in many ways.

My mum being schizophrenic was often not around in my childhood and I didn’t develop secure attachments . I break down cry overdose self harm when people leave I go back to that catastrophic childhood that sense of fear utter loss abandonment … but I’m getting better being more mindful of…

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