Cellphone Troubles, Bills and More

My cellphone sucks!  I’ve had it for a few years now.  The battery dies within a few minutes of my unplugging it from the charger.  My voicemail isn’t working for some reason.  I’m gonna get a new one next week.  I’ve missed calls.  My counsellor probably phoned me but it wouldn’t let me get my messages.  Aaarrrrrgggg!!!!!!!!!

I have the bill collectors hounding me again.  The credit card company is asking me if I can pay $1,500 or possibly $7,000.  Yeah, right!  I don’t think so!  I don’t have that kind of money lying around.  They asked if my friends or family could lend us the money to pay it off.  They don’t have that kind of money either.  I’ll pay what I can when I can.  That’s all I can do.  We’re on disability so we don’t make much money.  We’re supposed to be getting some extra money on Monday.  A new benefit for parents.  We can sure use it!  We’ll put a few bucks on all of the bills and hopefully that will keep them happy for a while.  It’ll have to.

Thanks for listening to my little rant today.  Hope you’re all having a good day today.  If not, I hope it gets better soon.  Till next time,

– Joyce.

3 responses to “Cellphone Troubles, Bills and More”

  1. I know what living on disability feels like. Hope you can get it straightened out to an acceptable agreement. I had to file bankruptcy after my divorce and need to again, but don’t want to go through that process and don’t have the money to file for the attorney either.


    1. Hope you’re doing ok today! (Hugs)

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      1. Ok unless I have to go to find a place to live and pay for.



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