Mind the gap

Life in a Bind - BPD and me

Mind the gap FINAL

I’m dreading the August therapy break –  as you can tell from the above poem I wrote. Although I’m also trying to convince myself it will be okay – as you can also tell from the above.

Last year, the six week break included two to three weeks of incredibly low mood and suicidal ideation. It included poor decisions about how to spend my time, and I resolutely held out from contacting my therapist by email, despite the fact she had told me it was okay to do so.

Although I cannot completely control how I will feel, I am hoping that this time, I will be able to do things a little differently, and therefore I hope that I will end up feeling a little differently. The two-week Easter therapy gap was the first time I felt I’d really managed to stay connected to my therapist. It was incredibly…

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