Chef Joyce Returns!

Tomorrow, I will be preparing lunch at the Peer Support Centre.  I’ve never done it by myself before.  I’ve helped but this time I’ll be in charge of the menu.  I’m glad I’ll have help from the staff, though.  I’ve never made this dish all by myself before.  I’ve helped my mom make it but that was several years ago.  I hope it turns out all right!

Our fridge is on the fritz.  Thank God we have an extra one in the laundry room.  It’s kind of a pain in the ass to go down there every time we want something out of the fridge.  We need to get someone to help us bring it upstairs.  My hubby can’t do it because he has a bad back.  We’ve called the landlord but, no answer, as usual.  We’re still owed one from the insurance.  They’re supposed to have it in storage somewhere.  They could deliver that one for us and take our old one away.  Either way, we need a working fridge upstairs.

I’ll let you know how lunch goes tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

— Joyce.


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