New Group Member Today!

The lady who usually comes to my in-town BPD Group was not there today.  She’s not been feeling well.  But someone new came today.  I hope she continues to come.  I’ve been running this group for over a year now, and hardly anybody ever shows up.  Some people say they’d like to come then never show up, some people come once then never again.  The lady who usually comes doesn’t have BPD, but comes to learn about the disorder so that she can be a better friend to those with BPD.  It’s nice to have someone else with the disorder in the group so that we can have more than one person’s perspective (mine).

It’s not just up to others to change for us, it’s also up to us to learn new ways of coping with our behaviours.  That’s where Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) comes in.  It’s the most effective treatment for BPD.  It’s not for everyone but works for most people with the disorder.  It’s not easy and it’s not a quick fix, but it’s so worth it if you can stick with it.  It changes your life for the better.  As Marsha Linehan, creator of DBT and a recovered sufferer herself says, you can create a “life worth living”

Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day.  I’m thinking of what I can post for that occasion.  The theme is “dignity in mental heath”  Tune in tomorrow and check out this space.

Till then,

— Joyce.


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