My coming out story-the mental illness one

A complicated person, with a complicated life

wmhd15 Today is World Mental Day, ending mental illness awareness week.  This years theme is “Dignity in Mental Health.”  Dignity is often paired with honor and respect.  With the continuation of mass shootings and that being one of the few times we speak about mental health or mental illness raises stigma and fear and reinforces what the general population may already assume.

I’m usually pretty quite about who I disclose my mental illnesses too.  Both have some severe negative stereotypes that I just don’t fit.  I feel like I have to let people get to know me and respect me before them finding out I have mental illnesses.  I am so much more than them.  It gets awkward in the college setting when I need to explain my situation to professors because of hospitalizations, for the most part I’ve already established I’m a good serious student and it doesn’t pose that…

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