DBT Skills Group – Distress Tolerance Week 4: Self-Soothing and IMPROVE-ing the moment

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

In my DBT Skills Group this week we focused on two more of the Crisis Survival skills within the Distress Tolerance module of DBT. The first was Self-Soothing and the second an acronym known as IMPROVE, or ‘Improve the Moment’.

Regarding the Self-Soothe skill, I have already written a post about it which can be found here. To add to this, below is a list of examples which I have found helpful to get me started when self-soothing is the last thing I feel like doing! (The ticks on the handout represent the activities I feel most able to implement for myself.)

The IMPROVE skill which we also talked about is broken down as follows, with examples included on the handout below:

  • Imagery – create a temporary alternate reality for yourself through visualisations and positive reappraisals; allow for some respite from the current situation that is causing you…

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