DBT Skills Group – Distress Tolerance Week 4: Reality Acceptance Skills

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

This week in DBT Skills Group, having finished going through the Crisis Survival skills, we were introduced to theReality Acceptance skills that make up the second part of the Distress Tolerance module.

The first skill we looked at was Radical Acceptance. The clinicians voiced their collective opinion that this is probably the most difficult skill in all of DBT to master, and all the members of the skills group were in agreement with this notion too. Here is the handout outlining exactly what Radical Acceptance entails, and here is an example.

Now some of the reasons for practising Radical Acceptance may sound pretty horrific – and the chances are that they are. Radical Acceptance is not easy.However, I can assure you that the alternative will most likely be even worse. Rejecting reality when there is absolutely nothing that can be done about a situation – or when…

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