Being BPD And…Reading Articles About BPD.

Being BPD And...

Just a few of the articles on the first page of that search…

Well, this is a hypocritical start!

But I’m not going to discuss the articles and blog posts written by BPD sufferers, considering they’re rarely the ones that come up when you search anything to do with the illness.

No, I want to talk about all of those ones written by outsiders, which dehumanise and degrade us, a reminder of all of the ways all borderlines ruin everything around them. Those ones. We’ve all read them. I’m not going to link to any because they don’t deserve the glory of extra views.

I just googled “bpd, scared of being alone” because, well, I wanted to read other peoples’ stories about abandonment and fear of loneliness, because I had a horrible dream which involved me losing all of my friends and family and I needed to remind myself that…

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