Being BPD And…Losing Energy.

Being BPD And...


As I write this, I feel like each tap of the keyboard is exhausting me a little bit more. I have had barely any energy over the last few days; whatever my mood, I experience it sleepily, barely functioning through basic tasks before I feel like I can go no further.

Every time I have a mixed period- where my moods change even more rapidly than usual- I seem to have issues with my energy dropping. Day to day, I’m usually pretty high-functioning, able to tackle a large workload and all of my emotions, but then I have a few days every couple of months where existing feels impossible.

Ironically, it’s because I’m usually pretty high-functioning that this becomes a problem. I’m used to taking on a lot of different projects and plans, and then I have to drop out as soon as this happens. It’s almost like I get sick, but…

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