New challenge 

Borderline & PMDD

So I’m embarking onto a new challenge…it’s not like I was ready for it..but life doesn’t knock at your door to ask “hey li are you ready for this? No? Ok…we’ll wait a bit then till you feel prepared to take this on” 🙂

So, this is my firt time in a really really long time that I’m alone on my PMDD…alone as in no male companion…. This should be a good time for reflection on what specifically having a male companion actually does to my PMDD… Luckily the period app I have only 7 more days so I think I can handle a week;) it’s weird… Who should i get mad at? Who should I blame for intentionally trying to piss me off and trigger my PMDD?

Let’s take a step back…. I’m not angry, at all. I only figured I’m PMDDing because I feel extra sad….but not enough…

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