Poet HW Kim: Life With Borderline Personality Disorder and Overcoming Trauma

Self-Care With Writers

HW Kim is a trauma survivor, social activist and poet. She has worked with Asian Americans for Equality and the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Medicine & Public Health at Hunter College. She is a kind human being who cares deeply about the world and people around her.

Robert Kuang: What’s been the hardest part about self-care for you?

HW Kim: The hardest part was simply knowing what was wrong or if there was even a problem. Because I grew up with a family that normalized trauma, it took me 16 years to realize maybe something was wrong. I didn’t realize that suicidal ideation and wanting to die was not normal. I still have a really hard time figuring out what is and isn’t normal.

I hate it when people go, “Oh, what is normal anyway?” I want to know what the…

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