DBT Skills Group – Interpersonal Effectiveness Week 1

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

This week in my DBT Skills Group, we started the fourth and final (noooooooo!) module within DBT known asInterpersonal Effectiveness.

First of all we looked at what factors can get in the way of being able to be effective within relationships. We looked at this from three angles:

  1. Objectives Effectiveness: getting what you want or need from another person – knowing your limits, having your say, getting your opinion across, setting boundaries, resolving conflicts, etc.
  2. Relationships Effectiveness: keeping and improving relationships with other people – considering the other person’s needs, treating them with respect, working out what you want long-term from the relationship, maintaining meaningful connections, etc.
  3. Self-Respect Effectiveness: keeping or improving self-respect within relationships – respecting your own values and beliefs, acting in line with your morals and long-term goals, ending hopeless relationships, being effective, improving your sense of empowerment, etc.

We found that the main factors getting…

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