Can You Recover From CEN on Your Own?

In the following video, Dr. Jonice Webb talks about whether or not you can recover from Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) on your own, without a therapist.  I believe that, if you are an emotionally sensitive person and suffering from CEN, it’s probably preferable to work with a therapist.  One who specializes in DBT would be best.

What do you think after watching this video?  Have you watched the other two in this series?  Please comment below.  Thank you,

— Joyce.

4 responses to “Can You Recover From CEN on Your Own?”

  1. I feel as someone who went through CEN that the ability to tell that it is BECAUSE of the neglect you get this feeling isn’t there. I need people to show me things like a child would need. I don’t recognise emotions well at all and the nature of being made to feel like you are always wrong means that you don’t question it. You are just wrong all the time. It takes someone to point it out and argue against it. You can’t do it by yourself.


    1. I agree that you probably can’t do it by yourself. I would recommend having a counsellor to help you recover. DBT is a great therapy for this. It provides validation that we usually didn’t get growing up.


  2. AEDP is also an excellent form of therapy for this!


    1. Thanks for the tip! What is AEDP?



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