I’m Gonna Be A Grandma!

sootherI just found out recently that my daughter is pregnant.  She’s living with her boyfriend in a trailer on a friend’s property.  They’re looking after their rabbits for them.  They’re both on assistance.  Which is nothing to be ashamed of.  My husband and I are on assistance as well.  We’re both on Disability.  My daughter and her boyfriend are on Welfare.  I hope her boyfriend gets a job soon though.  It would be great if they could find an apartment before winter gets here.

There are some programs in town to help out new moms and moms-to-be.  I hope she takes advantage of them as soon as possible.  There’s one taking place tomorrow afternoon.  You get transportation provided.  They pay for a taxi for you to get there.  They want you to have a healthy baby.  I think it could be put on by the local Health Unit.  Each week, they make a healthy recipe, then you get to take it home and make it.  They even give you free groceries.  And there’s childcare.  You can’t ask for more than that!  Well, you could I guess.

My daughter is so short and petite.  I don’t know how she’s gonna carry and deliver this baby!  She looks about twelve years old but she’s just turned eighteen in August.  She smokes but says she’s cutting down.  I really hope so!

I guess her boyfriend is looking after her.  We’ve been told that he “treats her like a princess” always making sure she eats.  She eats like a bird, and wastes so much food.  She can’t do that much longer.  Babies are expensive!  We’ll have to make sure she has everything she needs for the baby.  She’d better stock up on diapers, bottles, etc.  Make sure she has somewhere for the baby to sleep.  A diaper bag, clothes, a stroller, etc.  She’ll want to take the baby for lots of walks, especially if it’s colicky like she was.  Then they’ll be wanting Grandma and Granddad to look after it.  Of course, we’d love to babysit.

At least with this baby, I’ll have done DBT and will be much better this time around at managing my emotions.  I didn’t do the best job with my kids when they were little, but I’ve tried my best to make up for it knowing what I know now.  That’s why it’s my passion in life to share DBT with others, and spread awareness of BPD and get rid of stigma.

Stay tuned for more.  I’ll be letting you know how things progress with my daughter and the baby.  Along with whatever else is going on in my life.  Like dealing with grief from my brother’s death.  But that’s another story!

Thanks for tagging along with me in this crazy ride we call life.  Till next time,

— Joyce.

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