DBT Skills Group – Interpersonal Effectiveness Week 3

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

This week in the DBT Skills Group I attend, we continued working through the Interpersonal Effectiveness module. We looked primarily at the GIVE skill which I will outline below.

GIVE is used when the priority within an interpersonal interaction is on Relationship Effectiveness i.e. maintaining the relationship.

The GIVE Skill is usually used in conjunction with the DEARMANskill when trying to be effective both in one’s Objectives Effectiveness and Relationship Effectivess simultaneously. Here the combined skills may be referred to as DEARMAN-GIVE. In my opinion GIVE can be used on its own as well within any interpersonal interaction in which the relationship is important to you.

The acronym GIVE stands for:

  • (be) Gentle – quite simply, this reminds us to be gentle, kind and respectful in how we approach the other person. It consists of 3 main aspects:
    No attacks: try to stay away from blaming…

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